Enabling Technology

Powerful Platforms to solve all digital needs.

Push Brands to their Full Potential

Technology is a critical factor that help brand realize their full potential. Our services are designed to leverage the inherent skills & skill sets in an organisations which enables them to unleash the full potential of their core competencies. Encouraging innovation in technology is a hallmark of our services.

At ISPG dedicated divisions and personnel are involved in rendering services to ecommerce, real estate and community engagements. Our services are structured to add value and complement brand planning, strategy, positioning, new products, go-to market and leadership across different industry verticals.

Converge Businesses with Latest Technology

Businesses around the world have developed different levels of capabilities and expertise in their core area. Often challenges are involved in the application of these capabilities. In today's world more than often major challenges occur in the adaptation of technology to changing business trends and industry norms.

Realizing technology as an enabler to boost capabilities would redefine the future of any organisation. If your worries are concerning technology and anything digital we can and we will always help. We believe, competitive advantage will be the result of better technology.

Redefining Digital Services

ISPG's approach to digital engineering emphasizes on smart, simple and fast ways to achieve logical, definitive and measurable outcomes.


Growth Stories with Better Engagements

The success of any business is determined by the satisfaction and loyalty of their customers. Loyalty is a result of exemplary service and engagements, at every customer touch points.

Apart from enabling innovative digital businesses our resources are also engaged in creating value added conversation by empowering clients with unique Omni-channel services to reach out and address their customers. Value added engagements are the first step in creating growth stories.


Experiments & Development

Once new opportunities are discovered, we set in motion a stream of processes to enable the right technology that boost your business. Incorporating agile techniques to development and Integrating continuous delivery ensures ideas are brought to life quickly. Constant iterations and testing of technology is a key component of our development & experimentation process which ensures that our deliverables are always the best in its class.


Analysing need is an easy task, discovering opportunities is not. Our consultants across the globe are trained hands at discovering opportunities that could take businesses to the next level. Often most businesses, while focussing on their core expertise, fail to discover the benefits that a minor tweak in their existing model coupled with the right technology could bring. To kick-start our optimized service process we do exactly that. We discover new opportunities which when enabled by best-in-class technology will make your business future ready.


There could be multiple feasible methods to realize and implement an opportunity. Ensuring uniqueness is the only way to stand apart from the crowd. In every project we undertake technology innovation is a primary ingredient. Yes, we love to experiment, innovate & play with technology, but while doing all that we ensure that it helps differentiate our clients from the crowd.

Delivering Best User Experience

Innovating on technology is one thing, implementing it to the satisfaction of end users could be a whole different game. For over a decade we have been exploring and delivering superior digital interfaces and novel user experience to delight our clients and their customers. Our UX designs and strategy is aimed at providing meaningful, experiential, practical and valuable aspects to human-computer interaction. Ultimately the result of our work is determined by the feedback from end users.

Smart & Mobilized

In an era of where people are constantly on the move, accessibility of technology solutions on mobile and smart devices has become a must have. We optimize all our services to be accessible in any mobile device operating on Android, iOS, BB OS or Windows Mobile. Depending on client requirements, solutions are provided for mobile web or mobile apps, without compromising on user experience and interactions. Our processes are structured to ensure mobile optimized design thinking right from the experimentation stage.


Agile Methodologies

Continuity of service, process and work flow without any major roadblock is critical in any software implementation. Incorporating agile methodologies help us not only in keeping track of deliverables, project goals and time, but also allow our developers to work more closely with our clients.

As the end users' needs are ever changing in a dynamic business world, agile models help in regular adaptation and smooth transition to changing business needs.